Available colors: Ruby Red, Emerald Green,Cobalt Blue, Paridot, Purple, Black, Turquoise, Color Changing Mood Stone with Purple inlay, Clear Crystal with Silver inlay, Orange, Pink, Glow in the Dark with Silver inlay

MSRP: 38.00
Lot of 10, 10%
Lot of 25, 20%
Lot of 50, 35%

Lot of 75, 40%
Lot of 100, 45%
Lot of 200, 50%

Rainbow Diadem

SKU: sku_5f249ea2222e8_1596235426
  • The structure of this Circlet is hand woven with 9 separate strands of German Silver your choice of Colored Wire and a matching 13x8mm cabochon.

    This design is fully adjustable and made to aprx. 19".